Indulgent, Delicious Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Smoothie

by Susanne Warren on February 10, 2012

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share with you my recipe for this delicious smoothie. It tastes so decadent, you’ll feel like you’re being bad, but it’s actually very healthy. The strawberries and cacoa are both excellent sources of antioxidants.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry SmoothieChocolate-covered Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

In blender, combine:
1 cup frozen or fresh strawberries* (organic, if possible)
6 ounces plain, low-fat or Greek organic yogurt
2 teaspoons cacoa nibs
Dash of stevia
Filtered water

*If you use fresh strawberries, add a couple of ice cubes to chill.

Blend till smooth.

Chocolate-covered Strawberry Smoothie RecipeAdd a dash of vanilla extract for a smoother, slightly richer flavor. In fact, I’ve tried this recipe with a number of substitutions and it’s still delicious. (The only one that didn’t work too well was substituting brown rice protein powder for the yogurt.) If you prefer not to use yogurt, try the recipe with a good quality whey protein powder. If you don’t have stevia on hand, substitute with a tablespoon of honey. If you don’t have cacoa nibs, try shaved dark chocolate; just make sure it’s at least 60-70% cacao. Or, if you’re sensitive to chocolate, you can use carob chips. Carob is an excellent source of antioxidants too, provides fiber and protein, and is slightly sweeter than chocolate, so you can use less sweetener.

In this particular smoothie, I used frozen strawberries, shaved unsweetened chocolate (100% cacoa content), and fat-free organic yogurt and stevia. This being my breakfast (along with a slice of spelt bread and hummus), I added in ground flax seeds for the Omega 3′s and fiber, but without those, this smoothie’s only about 300 calories (if you’re counting them!)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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