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Look Good, Feel Great, Live Well! is my platinum program - the program I developed to help you achieve all your health goals. It’s a step-by-step plan of dietary and lifestyle changes over a four-month period that can be individualized to your specific objectives. The changes you make will lead to increased energy, weight management, a more relaxed, positive attitude, and decreased symptoms of chronic health conditions.

What types of goals can you achieve through the program?Support and guidance

  • Achieve your ideal weight naturally–and maintain it
  • Increase energy
  • Ease (or eliminate) symptoms of chronic illnesses
  • Learn to deal with food cravings
  • Discover the best foods for optimum health
  • Reduce stress
  • Learn to cook simple, quick, healthy meals
  • Reclaim your health!

I believe that the foods we choose to eat can have a major impact not only on our weight, but our energy level, our appearance, and our odds of becoming ill or remaining healthy. I also believe that eating healthier foods will motivate you to make improvements in other areas of your life. So rather than focusing solely on food, I’ll support you in addressing all areas of your life, including exercise, stress management, sleep habits, relationships and career. Through this program, you can heal your body and your life.

My clients make modifications to their food and lifestyle that will last a lifetime. They complete their program feeling pleased and proud of the number of changes they made while working with me.  (See Client Testimonials)

Your program includes:fruits = antioxidants

  • Two (2) one-hour sessions per month by phone or Skype
  • Unlimited email support with 48-hour turnaround
  • Recipes, giveaways, food samples, books or DVDs, and resources
  • Newsletters
  • My full support as you make your health goals a priority

The Look Good, Feel Great, Live Well! Program is flexible enough to enable me to work with clients on an individual basis or in groups, and on either a local or long distance basis.

I offer a number of program options based on this program and varying from two months to six months or more, depending on your needs and the results you’re looking for. Contact me for your complimentary First Step to Wellness breakthrough session and we’ll determine what will work best for you.

shopping for healthy foodsCustom sessions:  My local clients have the option of adding to their coaching program, or replacing one of their regular sessions, with the following:

Health food store tour – You’ll discover new foods, learn how to read labels, and understand grocery store marketing techniques.

Pantry and fridge clean-out – I’ll come to your home and together we’ll clean out those food items that may not be the best choices for your health, and discuss healthy replacements.

You know you want to feel better. Contact me today to get started on your path to vibrant health!

I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestioned ability of a man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor. – Henry David Thoreau




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